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Sheridan | Our Brand

It’s Time to Get Creative


Sheridan College has embarked on a bold new vision – to become a university dedicated to undergraduate, professional education. In an economy and society based on innovation and change, creativity is the leading skill that people will need to adapt to a future that they will need to build and inform.

Our New Brand

Sheridan is a pathfinder. We are challenging traditional ideas of what makes a great undergraduate education and what a leading undergraduate school can accomplish. And we are doing it by embracing the concept of creativity with purpose.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see many more changes – to our website, our advertising, narratives, visuals and videos – all of which are aimed at sharing and celebrating the people behind our innovations, accomplishments, and our bold plan for the future.

The Foundations of the Sheridan Brand

1. Creative Campus

Creative Campus isn’t a particular place or program. It’s an idea — a big idea — that’s an inextricable part of every aspect of the Sheridan experience. Creativity is what makes us different. It’s what makes Sheridan, Sheridan.

2. Great Undergraduate Teaching

Our teachers are multi-talented but have one focus: teaching, and doing it very well. They bring deep professional know-how to the classroom. But more important is their dedication to helping students learn best — and be their best.

3. Purposeful Programs

Our programs are purposeful in every way: outcomes, career-readiness, life and hands-on work skills. We take purposeful education further by transforming creativity into a vital asset for living, working and learning.

4. Big Student Life

Because school is about so much more than academics, we foster a student life that bursts with big experiences at each campus, in our local communities and in our incredible Greater Toronto Area home.

The Brand Personality

Like any entity, the Sheridan brand has a unique personality. To bring this to life, we’ve chosen six key words that we believe best represent Sheridan’s character.


Interested and inquisitive about the world. Sheridan isn’t satisfied with the status quo. We’re always asking how we can make it better.


Everything we do has a good reason. Purpose keeps us grounded and in touch with our primary objective: great undergraduate education.


We are sharp, to the point and insightful, but without the need to be clever just for the sake of it.


We aren’t afraid to go where our creativity takes us, even it if it means taking a risk. If breaking with convention serves a purpose, we’ll do it.


We unite the worlds of imagination and intention to create inspiration. We’re inspired by learning, by growing. This inspiration is always authentic and keeps us focused on making things better.


We live in the real world and work towards creating change that benefits our students, faculty and staff, industry partners and communities. Our approach is down-to-earth and based in reality.

Visual Identity

Sheridan’s new visual identity reflects these characteristics. The anchors for our new brand are the Sheridan wordmark and our iconic Sheridan “S”. Its changing shape reflects the creative trails our students forge as they build the resourceful and flexible minds needed to help them excel in their careers or inspire real change that benefits their lives and their communities.

Sheridan Master Wordmark

The Sheridan wordmark is created from custom-drawn letterforms. The unique shape of the capital S is a nod to Sheridan’s creative journey, starting with a slab serif at the top and ending with a tear drop at the bottom. It also speaks to the versatility of Sheridan’s programs and degrees, ranging from arts to technology to vocational training.

Sheridan Wordmark

The Sheridan S was designed to make the brand toolkit more versatile. By adding this symbol, the brand can be expressed in more ways than a wordmark and tagline. The symbol builds on the S in the Sheridan wordmark: it has the same shape but thicker line weight making it suitable for applications such as swag, favicons and apps.

Sheridan Tagline

With its bolder typeface and colour, the wordmark — as the appropriate focal point — first draws your eye. The tagline balances the wordmark’s bold presentation across both the horizontal and vertical planes. Action driven and inspiring, the tag line embodies Sheridan’s creative approach to education. Simultaneously, it directly encourages readers to employ their own creativity in some beneficial way.

Brand Colours

The primary brand colours reference the classic Sheridan double blue but have been updated to a more sophisticated and vibrant version of the original colours. The Sheridan primary colours can be used together or separately.
The secondary orange should be used as an accent colour. It should be used sparingly to provide a hint of a warmer colour to break up the cooler primary colours.

Sheridan Pattern

There are 7 different patterns in the Sheridan brand, one for each of the 6 faculties and one Sheridan master pattern. The master pattern is created from the 6 faculty patterns, making the 6 represent the whole institution in one graphic expression forming the 7th pattern. The brand patterns are constructed using 5-point tiles. Five tiles have been designed specifically to represent each of the different faculties.

Brand Comes to Life

If our brand is to embrace creativity, it stands that we must also embrace it in every aspect of what we do – from curriculum development to billboard advertising to website design.